All cookie cutters and embossers are made with a quality 3D printers at the time of order. Our products use PLA , which is biodegradable and good for the environment. Color may vary. We recommend handwashing cutters and embossers products, keeping in mind that prolonged exposure to moisture and direct sunlight should be avoided.

Do not use dishwasher to clean them.
Hand wash with water.

6cm Embosser / Circle. But the final size of your plaque will depend on what cutter you use to cut around your impressions

Use icing sugar or flour to stop the dough sticking to the embosser.

Cookie cutters:
Use cold cookie dough and dust your cutter with flour before cutting.


We do take custom orders for cookie cutters and embossers!

Dispatch and Shipping

All cutters and embossers are made to order, and we have a prrocessing time of 4-5 days. If there is an urgency, please let us know the same. Tracking number will be updating once the product ships.